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Spotify Shakes Up: Plans to Cut 17% of Staff

Spotify shakes up. So, Spotify’s making some big changes. They’re saying bye to about 1,500 folks from their team. Daniel Ek, the big boss, mentioned they’re doing this to save money and shift gears in how they do things.

Why the Change?

Daniel Ek dropped the news in a letter to all the Spotify peeps. He pointed out that things aren’t as easy as before. Money’s tight and getting cash isn’t a walk in the park. Spotify’s been growing, yeah, but they’re not rolling in dough yet.

The New Plan

Spotify’s aiming to go back to its early days when it was a startup. They went crazy hiring tons of people and spending loads, which got them lots of users, but not a consistent moolah flow.

Daniel Ek had a choice: either let go of a few people here and there over the next few years, or make a big move now. He chose the big move, saying it’s the best way to get their money goals back on track.

Who’s Affected?

It’s tough news for a bunch of hardworking folks at Spotify. Daniel Ek made it clear that lots of smart and talented people will have to say their goodbyes. He promised to have one-on-one chats with them by tomorrow, and they’ll get about five months of pay after leaving.

Not the First Time

This isn’t Spotify’s first rodeo with layoffs. They trimmed over 500 jobs earlier this year and even cut 200 folks from their podcast team in June. Other big companies like Microsoft and Amazon did similar things when the global economy took a hit.

What Went Wrong?

Spotify’s been doing okay, adding 6 million new subscribers recently. That’s more than they expected. But here’s the kicker: even with all those new users, they only made a tiny profit of $34.8 million. Last year, they were in the red by $248 million during the same time.

The Plan Moving Forward

Daniel Ek saying they’re not stepping back, just changing direction. He thinks Spotify’s gotten a bit off track from their earlier days when they were more crafty and efficient. He feels there are too many people doing support stuff instead of focusing on making content and keeping users happy.

What’s Next?

Spotify’s got a long way to go before they’re making good money while running things smoothly. They’re talking about making big changes in how they do stuff, and they’ll spill the beans about that soon.

Bottom Line

Spotify’s hitting the reset button, and it means a big shake-up for their team. They’re trying to get back to their roots, be more efficient, and bring in more dough. Daniel Ek’s hinting at a major change in how they work, and we’ll find out more about that down the road.